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How To Dye Your Beard - Using Just For Men Mustache & Beard

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Looking to darken your beard? In this tutorial I am going to show you how to dye your beard and mustache using the Just for Men product. If you are not sure what color you should go with, check out the tool on their website to help you decide: https://www.justformen.com/mustache-beard.html In this tutorial I am using the Light Brown color. You can find it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2BXMq88 This channel is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. If you’re a company that is interested in having me review your product, you can contact me at [email protected]
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Simple Man (5 months ago)
Because so many have asked about other options, I found a more natural way to dye your beard that works great. You can see it here - https://youtu.be/T9M58N-cNb4
Ron Dobson (3 months ago)
What is the music that plays at the very end of your video?
Džangista Melonne (4 months ago)
Simple Man I like it your video
Matt Hough (8 days ago)
Hope that you learned how to clean your lense too :)
REALMS OF BLISS (11 days ago)
Just for men is terrible !!! Will burn ur face for days and basically give you the only rash !!! Worst product on the market !!!
Simple Man (11 days ago)
I’ve heard others have this experience, but it has never been an issue with me. I tested out a product from naturacolor that’s much more natural and had great result with it if your interested
Paul Ielacqua (1 month ago)
Why does it come out much darker then shown on the box?
Rain Drifter (1 month ago)
Gonna do your grey hair next to match?
wnypaisan27 (1 month ago)
how often do you need to dye your beard ??
Gustavo Garcia (1 month ago)
Leonardo Robles (1 month ago)
Damn he used a lot. a bit goes a long way just saying!!!
pjeter49 (1 month ago)
Great video, but man, somebody desperately needed to tune their guitar at the end of the video!
Amare Music (1 month ago)
Totally agreed
The Voice of Reason (2 months ago)
I'm curious, why didn't you just put it on the sides of your head for that gray hair? Is it not able to be used on the hair on your head or something? Or you just don't mind the gray hair on your head? Serious question I'm not mocking you
The Voice of Reason (2 months ago)
+Simple Man thanks for the feedback, I'm starting to get a little bit of gray hair in my beard and on the sides of my head I was hoping I can find a product that I could just do everything at once
Simple Man (2 months ago)
You can and I did start doing that when I kept my hair longer. It turned out pretty well actually.
Jon W (3 months ago)
The color of your facial hair is basically the same as mine—brown with an orangish tinge. I would be tempted to use this because my beard is not as full as I’d like.
Simple Man (3 months ago)
It does make it look fuller imo I like the results
J K (3 months ago)
I use it on body hair too. Works great.
Len Miller (3 months ago)
Looks very unnatural. Gray hair & dark brown beard?
Paul Ielacqua (1 month ago)
Looks lighter on the box. Hmm?
chris smith (3 months ago)
It works well, but it makes my skin itch like crazy, & then blister(allergic, obviously). Not...severely, some people apparently have it much worse.
shepherdsknoll8 (3 months ago)
How do you remove the dye from your skin?
Takis are bae (3 months ago)
JUST FOR MEN!?! SMH -Jenna Marbles
LRM TV (3 months ago)
LOL! A man who does this stupidity is just insecure and dominated by their inferiority complex! It looks so fake and so unnatural! Real men get older without been ashamed of a natural and human process! Don’t let the world play with your mind and dignity! GROW UP AND STOP BEEN AND LOOKING LIKE CLOWNS!
Mr LW (3 months ago)
LRM TV very opinionated on this aren’t you! Good job nobody cares ;)
LRM TV (3 months ago)
Simple Man Absolutely I am COOL 😎 & HONEST! My advice to you OLD MAN 👴🏾, get older with dignity! It just looks so ridiculous and so fake from miles away!
Simple Man (3 months ago)
You sound like a cool guy 😉
Crooked Level (4 months ago)
I die my balls hairs all the time.
Hendraé A. (4 months ago)
but i dont have a beard can i use it. 😂
mikul182 (4 months ago)
Dude, If I had your beard then I wouldn’t be buying this!!
Kevin (4 months ago)
Vaseline keeps your skin beard dye free..... Use around the edges
Rain Drifter (1 month ago)
Kevin Top tip. Thanks
Athis Sa (4 months ago)
I was afraid to buy light brown dye but it's pretty dark :o
Lyrick - Music Channel (4 months ago)
Thanks for this review. I have some blonde hair on my chin so I’m thinking of using this but all the reviews are saying they have chemical burns from using this.
Simple Man (4 months ago)
I have a video on a products that’s almost all natural and works great too. You may want to give it a try
skers 86 (4 months ago)
Sounds like I got the wrong color I got the dark brown . I pretty much always wear a hat so I didn't care if it matched my hair exactly or not. My hair is a light to medium brown but my beard is reddish which I do not like . Now I'm.scared to try my dark brown just for mens dye .
Simple Man (4 months ago)
Hey I’ve done that before too, just don’t keep it in quite as long, you can get a pretty good idea of how dark it is getting, then just hurry up and rinse it out
R Bush (5 months ago)
Read the directions. There, just saved you a bunch of time.
omulxd (5 months ago)
I'm probably going to order some Just for Men beard dye. My hair is dark blonde but my beard is full on white (no joke). It's almost a full beard so I want to try it out and see how it looks. I just hope I'm not allergic to it. I guess I'll try it on my hand first, then on the moustache and then if I see no allergic reactions I will try it on the beard itself
fred bear (4 months ago)
I have the same problem, dark brown hair, snow white beard. Got tired of people asking me why I die my hair, but not my beard. I only leave the dye in for 3 minutes or so, at 64 it looks more natural if there is some white hair showing.
Simple Man (5 months ago)
I hope it works out for you, I’ll always like the results when I use it!
Hawgrydr B (5 months ago)
Be very careful of this product. There has been hundreds of complaints as well as lawsuits from consumers who have experienced severe burns and blisters when using it. I also have experienced pain and burning. Look for other products.
Simple Man (5 months ago)
I’ve heard others have issues with it, but it’s never been a problem with me and I use it a lot. But that’s why I included the part about testing on your arm before using it.
Fresh Love (5 months ago)
Wait ... you have hair ! I thought you were going bald! But its not the case with you , right?
Fresh Love (5 months ago)
Simple Man - thats whats important 🙃🙂
Simple Man (5 months ago)
Yeah I actually have hair. It was starting to thin so I tried shaving my head and liked it
Bricon78 (5 months ago)
Americans like to say go ahead.
Lloyd Dailey (6 months ago)
I can't use dye. I am allergic to it !
Rami Eg (6 months ago)
my bread is black and I want make it light brown I use it many time and never work , I didn't use any oil in my bread too , I don't know why it didnt work with me . maybe work with other.
Simple Man (6 months ago)
Rami Eg oh, now I see, this product only darkens, it can’t lighten.
Rami Eg (6 months ago)
I try that product and it didn't work and I didnt get any colour from it !
Simple Man (6 months ago)
That’s odd, I use it all the time and it’s always been great. You didn’t happen to have any beard oil in did you?
I luv to troll u (6 months ago)
If you use too dark of a color then it will look false.. like this guys does.. Use a lighter color than your hair.
Tony ward (6 months ago)
I’ve used just for men beard dye for quite awhile now, Just here recently I’ve been getting irritated and red faced, it goes away after awhile, Maybe 3 -4 days, Any suggestions would be awesome.
Tony ward (6 months ago)
No sir, it’s just been that. It didn’t really bother me till just recently, But thanks for the videos and trying to help. I might see if the barber or beautician can recommend something.
Simple Man (6 months ago)
Sorry bud, I don’t have any other than have you started using any other product in that same time that could be causing the irritation when used with the just for men
deri eden (6 months ago)
Amirali Heidari (6 months ago)
& there's porple out who wants to have his beard color!
Simple Man (6 months ago)
Marcus NL (7 months ago)
I liked the before beard to be honest
Lloyd Dailey (8 months ago)
I am allergic to any kind of dye !
joseph garcia (8 months ago)
my skin ends up blistering and burning , with this stuff really need to try something different any ideas ?
Simple Man (8 months ago)
You could try soaking it in black tea. You can also make a dye out of walnuts, but I’m not exactly sure how
Stephen Shelton (8 months ago)
I've found that the JFM beard dye washes out for the most part after about 5 days, but the JFM hair dye actually lasts much longer. The problem with me is that I now have enough gray that the roots start to show pretty quickly, but I don't yet have enough gray to want to go around without dye. Mine is a medium length beard about 6" so when you have long gray they stand out terribly. When you have a short beard like yours the grays work better.
destiny lover (8 months ago)
I tried garnier. Lorel and other. Why all r allergic to only me.? I don't know. Wt should I do?
Virtual Reality (5 months ago)
What happens to you when you use it?
destiny lover (8 months ago)
Is it allergic?
Simple Man (8 months ago)
Some people are allergic to it. My skin is fairly sensitive but it never bothers me
Jimmy Vila (9 months ago)
I'm 35 years old and I have some heavy salt and pepper hair for my age, not so normal. I used Just for men hair product and its the best for many reasons. First of it looks very natural!, it last a long time, the smell goes away, it doesn't damage your hair, it really penetrates the weight hairs or dark hair and i get no side effect or allergy. My advice for guys who is reading this comment of any age. I have seen guys and my colleagues using other hair products and its always woman product and you can tell right away there hair is dyed and looks unnatural because the product is for woman. Nothing against it because its great for them. but right away men who use these dark brown colors and different shades it looks very fake and the tone when the light hits looks bad. That said, it doesn't play well with there skin tone and it shines to much... My advice use Just For Men and use there natural tones they have based on our hair. Stop looking at Loreal with all the variation of colors cause it will make you look tacky and seems like your wearing a wig.
greg jay (5 months ago)
Agreed Brad. JFM is great in that when the colour fades you can simply use the Beard & Mo touch up [on BOTH head and beard] to look 30 years younger and hunt the young UNI birds once again!! Its great and avoids continual usage of the hair ink. In fact I only apply the hair ink 3 times per year and still look in my 30s. Its what the UNI birds tell me anyway.
destiny lover (9 months ago)
These all are great allergic I have already tried
I am Not L (10 months ago)
Sounds kinda fun for some reason lol
peter paul (10 months ago)
I use it all the time works well but like any other hair color if you are covering grey especially you get roots.... I have a stash and goatee and have to apply it every other day after I shave. Having facial hair is work and coloring it is even more work. But it looks great...lolol
Devon Braia (10 months ago)
how long does it last before you have to dye it again?
Simple Man (10 months ago)
About 3 weeks or so. Depends on how much you wash your beard with hard soaps too
DE51B0Y (10 months ago)
Are allergies common
greg jay (5 months ago)
Negative. The trick is to use these products like anything else in life.. With discipline. Use sparingly and avoid water on head and beard/moustache for lengthy periods. Its great man and the younger UNI type birds really take to you again!!!
Simple Man (10 months ago)
My skins some what sensitive and it’s never bothered me.
Bangla movie songs (11 months ago)
Bangla movie songs (11 months ago)
JAY jay (11 months ago)
i have long black beard and brown by skin tone i want something like natural brown but still appreciate expert opinions which colour is good and how much i have to buy it.its looks easy apply and all.do i need to apply Vaseline.
Simple Man (11 months ago)
Are you wanting your whole beard brown? If so I don’t think this will lighten yours if it’s black already. It only seems to darken it. You can apply Vaseline to protect your skin, I’ve seen others do that. If you are careful when you apply it, it’s not really needed though.
shah moin (11 months ago)
It doesn't leave any stains on the skin where have less hair ?
roland cuellar (11 months ago)
U look nice with white hair
Bagel Juice (11 months ago)
hey man .. so i dyed my beard and yeh i got alittle to dark for my taste.. wondering if it gets lighter over timer ect..
Simple Man (11 months ago)
Yes it will, give it a week or so and it will lighten up
VJ TV (11 months ago)
Good dude... Thanks for sharing ur experience.... But what about skin allergies .....
Prakash Patel (1 year ago)
Can you use it without the serum? or is the serum important?
Zachary Bouchard (1 year ago)
I'm using this bevause my beard is red at the 🌞 my hair are almost black btw
How to do it: JUST DON'T!
Dark Wolf (4 months ago)
Lol why not
MrGoldenV (1 year ago)
Go ahead
Lewis Green (6 months ago)
Go ahead
Dan Newman Vlogs (1 year ago)
How often do you need to reapply this?
Dan Newman Vlogs (1 year ago)
Simple Man Thanks man. I'm gonna do this tonight!
Simple Man (1 year ago)
Dan Newman Vlogs kind of depends on the length, shorter beards probably every week. Once it’s longer though, I go every 2 to 3 weeks to keep it fresh.
davewillielloyd (1 year ago)
Thought after you rinse it your supposed to shampoo it?
Sam Smith (4 months ago)
I’ve been using it for years. I always leave color on for 10 minutes, then shampoo well afterwards. The color is long lasting, but it does leave pigment on the skin if you don’t shampoo afterwards. That pigment can fleck off when dry or even when you oil your beard. I’d advise anyone to shampoo.
jose jose (10 months ago)
Instructions say shampoo it
Simple Man (1 year ago)
davewillielloyd I usually don’t shampoo it, just rinse. It actually conditions your beard pretty well.
Rossmann (1 year ago)
just be careful with what color u buy. Its darker than you think. I did buy brown and got total black.
Steven Trosiek (10 months ago)
I have naturally dark brown hair, but to color my beard I use medium brown color and leave it on for ten to 12 minutes. It then is dark brown, a real nice shade. Great stuff.
Bagel Juice (11 months ago)
does it get lighter ? cause my beard got alittle 2dark for mye taste
Rubina Khan (1 year ago)
Rossmann same here
Simple Man (1 year ago)
I use the dark blonde or light brown myself, and depending on how long you leave it on, it can get quite dark.
tx (1 year ago)
I wish i had orange beard
R C (1 year ago)
Young T (1 year ago)
Good job thanks for sharing your knowledge result was good
Charles Eden (1 year ago)
How long does it typically last before you need to re-dye it
Simple Man (1 year ago)
I usually go about two weeks
Simple Man (1 year ago)
If you need some help on trimming and shaping up your beard, check out my new video - The Ultimate Guide To Trimming Your Beard - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=313isQ_sK88
Trevor Wilson (8 months ago)
What song is that guitar riff from again?
Kyser S (9 months ago)
Which colour did u use in this video and also should I let the beard grow full than dye it or it don't make difference?. Too much white.. thanks
brodey1971 (1 year ago)
And it looks like you Dyed ur beard...Dude, just be natural !  Unless ur gonna dye ur beard pink...that would look awesome on you !
Maurice Boyd (1 year ago)
Stop hating
Frankie Chong (1 year ago)
Wow! Such a difference color makes in your beard. Nice contrast.
Simple Man (1 year ago)
Thank you!
M92 (1 year ago)
Hey man would u recommend going a shade lighter? My hair color on my beard naturally is dark brown mixed with blondes and reds.. I’m indecisive between choosing JFM medium brown or medium dark brown. I tried dark brown before and it just made my beard black or really close to black you could say.. thanks man!!!
Simple Man (1 year ago)
Markis J I agree the box is very misleading. Yes do let me know how it turns out and thanks for the tip!
M92 (1 year ago)
Simple Man Thanks for the reply! Yeah man, the dark brown and darkest brown are very close to black tone.. ! Honestly I think JFM is great but it’s kind of misleading as far as color outcome. but once u find your shade this stuff comes in handy... I’ll try medium brown then, I’ll have to let you know soon!! Btw if u ever wanna lighten it up immediately use some dandruff shampoo mixed with 5-10 crushed vitamin C pills into a paste with hot water... leave on for 1 hour, repeat if needed. Helps a lot!
Simple Man (1 year ago)
I would probably go with the medium brown then. You can vary the time you leave it on, you can get a good idea about how dark it’s getting when it’s on. The longer it’s on the darker it will get. I’ve heard the darker brown tend to come out almost black often times. Good luck!
Greg Hayes (1 year ago)
What color is that?
Simple Man (1 year ago)
Light brown
Sir Mounted (1 year ago)
I wonder how much money you make doing affiliate online marketing.. I mean is this all you do (these videos on your channel) or is this simply to just earn a little extra on the side?
Simple Man (1 year ago)
I just make videos about stuff that interest me and I think would interest others. I just include links to the things I use in videos to make a little money on the side. So for instance if someone clicked on the link in this video and bought the dye, I’d make like $0.60 or so. Definitely not getting rich, especially considering the time it takes to make some videos. This video took about 90 minutes. So far it’s made $0.04 in ad revenue and $0.00 in affiliate revenue. Hope it helps you if your interested in it for your own channel
Bearded Stutz fpv (1 year ago)
Man I’d need like a 55 gallon drum of that! Great info! ✌️
Simple Man (1 year ago)
Haha you would need quite a bit I’m sure!

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